Hello everyone I have been diagnosed with ADHD and all of my family are on the spectrum. Knowing that I have ADHD explains so much I still like who I am though I drive myself crazy with these thoughts and a brain that is hard to slow down. What people would complain about me makes sense and I am ok with it. Knowing I ADHD and so do my family helps me understand them in a new way. Yes my oldest is 21 next year and my daughter 15 , the six of us are a creative bunch of ideas with seldom a dull moment. I was always told to tone myself down growing up I learnt to wear many masks as we do to simply get through each day and be accepted. There came a time in my mid thirties to late 40's where I shut down my creativity and gifts that I have had since a child - my superpower as we see it. Now it is not being dulled down and I am being me. Like all of you we are unique - no written manual on how we are mean't to work in this journey of life. I am on new stage in life and learning new skills which I am excited and nervous. Thank you for listening and I enjoy reading your stories and this community. I am 52.

Posted by embraceyourweirdtoday at 2022-11-27 21:14:03 UTC