Hi everyone! New here, mom to my wonderful ASD son. He was diagnosed at age 3 and received services ever since. We never applied for SSI due to his dad's income, and post-divorce I convincedyself he would be on track for a "regular" life and not need it. Well now he is 28 and still facing challenges. We applied with help from a lawyer and he got denied the first try and appeal. The judge said "as long as he can put a widget in a box" he didn't qualify. He has a small part time job at a doggie daycare but doesn't drive and has issues problem -solving. He has a case manager and was certified as autistic by the state. He got denied for Medicare. How can he get SS benefits? Just enough to help him with a little more independent future? He's on a long waiting list for housing because he dreams of not living in our basement forever but he would need support with daily hygiene, meals, transportation, etc. After many many years of hard work he can hold a decent conversation and he's very bright but freezes at the slightest obstacle and escapes every spare moment into games and his online buddies. He's had all kinds of testing and his lawyer thought he would be awarded SSD no problem and the denial surprised us all.

Posted by mtnlooper at 2022-11-27 12:08:42 UTC