Hello everyone. Mom struggling with a 16 year old with ASD. He is addicted to video games, and can not control himself when it comes to technology which has gotten him into a lot of trouble (stealing money to buy game coins) he has started stealing peoples phones so that he can play games, as I have locked him off games. This is a true cry for help, anyone have any advice. I am divorced from his dad, and his dad wants to let him go into the juvenile system. Which I am STRONGLY AGAINST. Wondering if 1) anyone know of any treatment programs for technology addiction. I am in Minnesota. 2) This is not a medication issue. I do believe it is an addiction, when he gets caught he repeatedly says he can not control it. The police have been involved so I think he understands the seriousness of the situation. 3) Any advice on what has worked for others. This has been on going for about 5 years. He is to the point now where its not $5 here and there but he took his teachers credit card and purchased thousands of dollars worth of game coins. He is in therapy with Fraser (well know ASD facility) but not happy with the therapist as her last statement was maybe you should let him have games because he says it helps distract him from friends picking on him… While I have put in place other methods and reasons for him to avoid the students he has issues with I feel he has used this as an “out” to get to his games. He can not control his usage and if we give him any game time (because we did oblige the therapist and gave it a 2 day trial, in which time he stole a friends debit card and stole $70 for game coin, then he stole one of my friends phones. And now he has lost all access again and he acts like an addict going through withdrawal. 4) I can not get him interested in other hobbies. But open to ideas. I was recently diagnosed with an ocular (eye) tumor that has metastasized to my right lung. I am hyper focused on getting him squared away and on a good track for his life in case something happens to me. Thanks for your insight! Sarah

Posted by armst466 at 2022-11-27 03:59:46 UTC