Hi, I'm the mom of 2 autistic kids. My oldest son was diagnosed with aspergers in the 8th grade by the school psychologist so he could have help once he got to high school. I thought for years that he knew that he was on the spectrum. He went to a psychologist to get tested to see if he qualified for ssi. He started getting his benefits and used it to pay for online college and get a new computer for the classes he took. After he kept failing at the college courses and ended up quitting the college he asked me, mom what is wrong with me? It broke my heart knowing that he thought there was something wrong with him! I explained to him what was going on and he was so happy to have a reason for the things he was feeling. He called people in our family and told them, I have an autism. I directed him to websites and chat rooms for others like him. I also talked to him about what it means to be autistic. It changed his attitude completely.

Posted by tatergina at 2022-11-26 16:51:07 UTC