I’m having a rough time...I am in love with a sociopath with many mental disorders along with lots of damage from his past trauma. I am a very emotional and empathetic human being and he is the complete opposite of me, but the differences don’t change the way I feel. He expressed very little emotion. He has a very negative and defensive attitude whenever I express that I am upset because of something he said….I try my best to stay calm and keep my nurturing voice but it’s so hard when I’m being treated unfairly. I know he doesn’t know better and there are things he can’t control. I chose him. I love him. I would love and appreciate any kind of advice or support that you guys are willing to give. Also I forgot to mention that we are in a long distance relationship until I graduate my senior year in highschool….

Posted by Rianna4441218 at 2022-03-17 12:48:11 UTC