Hey all, new here. I’ve been watching/reading quite a bit today, and learned some things I may not have had the best terms for in conversations. Thanks for putting this all here. :) So, I have been recently diagnosed with ADHD, but my last therapist (and others) are pretty (75%+) certain I have Asperger’s as well. I was born in the 80s so this term was more recognizable than HFASD, etc My psychiatrist pretty much said there’s not much they could do because it’s such a broad label, and left it at that… =_=; They did prescribe me Adderall for the ADHD, but it’s only been a marginal help overall. Going back soon with more questions since: Now I’m basically tossing a thousand hooks into the water every hour or few to figure out what is wrong with myself, and how to solve the kaleidoscope of changing issues that seem to plague my daily life, and a constant storm cloud on those I care about. I’ve read into Reaction Sensitivity Dysphoria, Executive Dysfunctions, Asperger’s, and a number of other possibilities, all of which could explain things, but most of them require both a lot of professional interaction, as well as support from the home side. Here’s a snippet of my situation: • Sensitivity to any form of criticism • Constantly blamed for lack of accountability or “proper apologies” which often result in further frustration • Common household “chores” are ignored until they are overwhelming everyone, and it takes a massive amount of work/energy to complete (including dealing with Defense Mode/Nope-level periods) • inability to communicate through most of the conversations where my actions or lack thereof are others’ source of frustration, then they also have to deal with my Defense Mode state, and blame me for not learning from the last 200 similar times. Popular reason: I’m a grown adult who should have way more maturity and common sense and emotional intelligence than a child.. needless to say this doesn’t help Defense Mode level feelings.

Posted by Brent at 2022-11-24 21:20:37 UTC