Hey there guys! :) I’m feeling considerably tired and exhausted right now, probably in some part due to the low amount of sleep I got last night. As such I’m experiencing some anxiety and dread about my relatives coming over later today for Thanksgiving weekend. I was really hoping that I would be in an upbeat, enthusiastic attitude so that I could be more than able to hang out with my family while they are here as much as possible. I can’t help but feel really bad and guilty when I stay in my room while my relatives socialize with each other or have fun as a family. And yet, sitting still and hanging out with them for more than like 30 minutes at a time can be a serious chore for me and push me quite far out of my comfort zone. I don’t want to be a dark cloud or a zombie that’s only sometimes around, but neither do I want to make myself so uncomfortable and miserable that I end up making a scene or say/do something that ruins the weekend for everyone. I hate my social anxiety and depression and low executive functioning abilities soooooo much!

Posted by FairWarning at 2022-11-23 17:24:05 UTC