HI All- I'm a single mom of a 13 yr old ASD son. He has largely been considered "high functioning" and is HILARIOUS and the most loving kid ever (until puberty hit during Covid when he has retreated inward to some expected extent) Anyway, I am curious about your perspective on 2 things. One, I'm soo confused about what diagnosis or descriptions are acceptable and which are offensive within this community. I understood "Aspergers" to be viewed as offensive and not used at least in the last decade my son was diagnosed. They just diagnosed him simply as having Autism Spectrum Disorder with no corresponding designation to identify at least an estimated idea of the level of functioning he was thought to be at. Then saying "high functioning" was misleading because support needs are not a linear construct. So now it seems the PC thing is "On the Spectrum with low support needs". What does this community prefer? My assumption has been that adult generations who originally got an Aspergers dx, feel comfortable continuing to use that diagnosis name. Is that correct? Second, my son has additional neuroligically linked disorders of ADHD, and a mild form of Epilepsy. And clinical depression which seems common. Do you guys find that to be as common as I've seen it within the community? Also, how many of the parents of ASD kids also have ASD too and it simply wasn't recognized until you learned thru parenting a ASD child? I'm in the process of getting myself tested. I have MS (another lovely neurological wiring condition), but im wondering if I'm identifying with my son's ASD traits, or simply a mom who feels connected to her child and am self diagnosing that out of parent/child connection feels? Am I making sense? Anyway- I bought the 3 teen books and am soo excited to dig in to them because the descriptions were like someone planted a camera in my house and knows ALL our drama these days! I'm grateful to have this new information to work with!

Posted by MyFavoriteDudeDeservesJoy at 2022-11-23 10:00:44 UTC