I’m very pleased to have found this format! Where were y’all 20 years ago! I’m the only caretaker & grandmother for my 27 y/o grandson who’s got hi functioning autism along w DD & ADD. By fighting tooth & nail for him along w sped advocates as well as a great psychiatrist who specializes in his issues, he got through the school system & graduated high school! He now works at a grocery store 5-10pm when it’s not very crowded, but only 3 nights per week. More than 3 days just sets off his sensory overload buttons. Yes, I’m bragging about him .. but it’s been years of meltdowns, sometimes aggression, awful fears, many tears, & a lifetime of breaking everything down into tiny little steps then building off those steps to achieve what seems simple to average people. There’s a lot he will never achieve or overcome, but in the end..he’s happy & feels safe. Please know that I send my prayers out for all of you ❤️

Posted by skyeems4 at 2022-11-19 00:56:16 UTC