My 15-year old son has been struggling since starting High School. He has had 18 behavioral referrals, where he had zero in Middle School and zero in Elementary School. The school has said they think that he needs a smaller environment, general classes, just more oversight in smaller groups so they can help with his social interactions. They didn’t get this in place, despite three meetings about it already this year. This week he was sent home because they were playing football during group social work and a kid said to break his ankle. I guess that a sports phrase. My son thought the kid was being mean so he threatened to kill him. Next up, there was food being thrown in the cafeteria, not my son, but he was accused of it. A child confronted him. When the child walk away, my son threw and apple at him. My son continued on an angry rampage for a half hour after that because another child told on him for throwing the apple. The school wants me to keep him home, they’ll provide tutoring and they want me to enroll him in a partial hospitalization program for autistic children. It’s a 5-6 week full-time virtual program that provides therapy, med adjustments, social skills training, and more. I’m sad for my son, because he wants to go back to school. I’m also excited about the program, because I’ve been asking, begging, searching for a way for him to get social skills training for years now. It’s sucks it has to have gotten to this point though. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Posted by jessica.lavin.griffin at 2022-11-18 20:03:35 UTC