I don’t know if any one uses asl for when they shut down or are mute or go mute or have hard time with eye contact when in the overwhelmed mind set ? Me an my hubby have been learning asl to have as a tool to see if it helps cuz when I am in my nodes like those I wrote down I will do singing as way cuz I’ll look at his hand before ever talking or looking at the face mostly so significant helps us communicate so he knows how to help me if I’m needing something or if I need to leave in a different room by myself to be in comfort or if I need his comfort cuz I don’t like being touched when I get like it but depending on what happened I may want him hug me right as if I’m in a cocoon like a butter fly does I then feel safe or I’ll use my weighted blanket an I’ll sing what I’ll need if I do need something of my fidgets or any but if anyone has never thought or tried asl for communication to help with yourself or others it definitely is amazing an helps a lot I brought times specially if it’s in public an I get to overwhelmed to quick then he can read my body language he’s learned my motions I do before getting overwhelmed an then he will start to sign for me to ask if I’m ok an I will sing back if I am or what’s going on just thought I’d share something as a tool I use daily ❤️

Posted by Brealynn at 2022-11-13 17:50:07 UTC