Is anyone else dealing with a mean kid on the spectrum? It seems like my 15 year old just leads with being mean. It’s his first response, even without being provoked. He walks into the house and the first sibling he sees, he says “You’re fat. You’re ugly.” Naturally it angers whatever sibling he’s talking to and it starts a yelling match. He’s started doing it at school too and has made some racist remarks to people (which I can wholeheartedly assure you he has not learned from his family!!!). It’s like he just notices what’s different about people and turns it into a derogatory thing. It’s hard to keep the 5 positive to 1 negative rule when I’m constantly having to tell him to stop saying mean things. How do I help him be nicer or at the very least keep his mouth shut?

Posted by Hunner.Bear at 2022-11-13 15:40:07 UTC