How to find help/resources for teaching myself, family members, and schools on how to handle my son? Or how to help him find enjoyment in life? He always focuses on the negative or allows one negative thing change his good experiences. Any help would be awesome. My son is in 4th grade and now "labeled" due to behavior issues. He is defiant, shuts down, has a hard time explaining problems, and stays in total defense mode. He struggles to make a friend, loves to joke but doesn't understand when it is too much, and is very friendly but doesn't understand personal space or that squeezing a hug too hard can hurt another. It is so hard because I can see the good and kind child he can be, yet others seem to think it is all him trying to get out of trouble. I feel his pain after a situation occurred; I wipe the tears; I try to explain how and why; I see him attempting to "be good" or "do the right thing" only to be told he was "wrong" again. He is smart because I have worked so hard with him. However, now, things are starting to catch up...grades are struggling...excitement is gone...fear is always there. PLEASE HELP. Any thoughts???

Posted by cdavis at 2022-11-11 20:13:50 UTC