My husband (52) was tested and found that he has Aspergers. think is he worked for 7 years at 5 different jobs - he was crushed to the bone because no-one understands him. he is an engineer. well long story short - he was taken up in a psychiatric clinic and while there he was under strong meds, zombified most of the tie - during this time of not being able to think for himself his psychiatrist push him to resign. no we have lost ALL financial support from his insurance that could have paid out. I am the normal person in the marriage nd cannot handle it any more..i want to now divorce my husband. he will be forced to find a job to provide for day to day living but will not cover me and him, AND THOSE KNDS OF JOBS DOES NOT EXSITS,he has no knowledge of other jobs - he is a mecanincal enigineer.. so i have decided to walk away from him. I cannot go through the work stress he had the past 7 ears. I am emotionally BROKEN. i will die inside when I divorce but to protect myself this is my only option

Posted by saresam at 2022-11-11 05:34:17 UTC