My daughter is 17 and recently diagnosed ASD (Aspergers) and ADHD. She had a breakdown/burnout in 2019 and was in hospital for a while. She has never really recovered. She is no longer able to attend college and is struggling. She has not slept properly since birth and is totally exhausted feeling hopeless and worthless. Her current sleep pattern (the little she gets) is on its head and so she sleeps whilst we are awake and is awake during the night. As much as we try to sit with her overnight, we both need to sleep as have full time jobs - sadly she ends up in a very dark and distressing place every night. She says her brain won't switch off and we have tried all the sleep hygiene and other approaches over the years - none of which have worked. She is currently seeing CAMHS (we are in the UK) but about to be discharged because of age. She is medicated for depression only. We just don't know how to help her with her distress - she feels the only way out is to not be here anymore. Is anyone able to offer any advice please? Thank you in advance.

Posted by jovernon at 2022-11-08 09:49:37 UTC