I am seeing the doctor tomorrow and seeking diagnosis (UK). Female, age 51. My son (now an adult, diagnosed at age 3) and I recently moved back to the UK from the US. While living in the US I realised that I am autistic, mainly because I had many sensory issues (the persistent sound of insects, difficulty with adapting to food tastes, going through phases of extreme difficulty with communication due to people not understanding my word choices or my accent). These struggles contributed to the breakdown of my marriage as my soon-to-be ex-husband was intolerant of what I was going through. When my son was going through diagnosis and I was learning about autism I strongly identified with what I was reading. I raised this with the people involved in my son's care but got comments like "You're not autistic because you're so capable", or "You are too empathetic to be autistic", etc. I'm sure many late diagnosed people have received similar comments from "professionals" when trying to make sense of their experiences. I would appreciate any tips or advice, especially from members navigating the NHS or private health system in the UK. I registered with the Lorna Wing Centre last year but I understand that they have a list to even get on the waiting list. Once our house in the US is sold I have the option to go private for a diagnosis. Even typing that makes me feel so bad as I know that's not an option for many. Moving forward with my life I feel that it's crucial for me to get diagnosis as some kind of validation, but also to give me rights in the UK in regards to accomodations and employment. I am so exhausted from coping (badly, I might add). There's a lot of change and stress that I'm having to deal with. This year was meant to be the one where I got to prioritise myself, until my husband threw a curve ball which put me in crisis mode. If you made it to the end of this - thanks for reading! I'd really appreciate any words of encouragement and support, and also any recommendations for who to go to next for diagnosis and support. I moved to NE England and I'm aware of some organisations due to finding support for my son. I can travel further if necessary, or via phone/video call. Thank you in advance.

Posted by Tilly at 2022-11-06 19:09:29 UTC