Hello. We’re new to the community. Our son is 25, and even though he was recently tested for Asperger’s, they said he wasn’t, HOWEVER, he has the sleep issues. Light/ temperature sensitivity. depression that so many of you have talked about. We have said to him we suspect he is, but he doesn’t agree. He’s had 3 years of college but lost his direction, so we said stop until you decide what you want. That was in 19. Hasn’t moved forward since. Not working, gets anxious and shuts down. Been to several therapists, IOP, medicine… Danny, is there any adult testing and how do we get him to see it’s not a bad thing. He’s feels life is passing him by and there’s no point. Working on that right now. How can we best implement your program? It seems like you’re the only ones who understand.

Posted by wkgl44 at 2022-11-02 16:50:31 UTC