I don’t know what happened tonight. My aspie son was watching a video on his phone in the living room and I was in the kitchen (open floorplan) and I told him I didn’t like to hear all the cussing and could he go in the other room or put headphones on so I didn’t hear it (he’s 16 and says I’m a prude because all his friends cuss I know not ALL of them do! And I won’t let him.) He just gets off the couch and starts hitting me (but not too hard but enough that it hurts) and I had to hold him away to defend myself. I also have to swat his arms when he tries to hit the dogs too. They got excited and protective and jumped on both of us to protect me. My whole body hurts - I feel like I’ve been in a bar fight. Usually my husband comes in to break up his pushing and shoving me but he didn’t tonight so the fight kept going on. I’m the one that does everything for him and am kind to him and loving. I take him to do his hobbies. Why does he treat me like his punching bag???! The physical shoving and pushing (and him saying he wants to fight) happens about once every week to two weeks.

Posted by Togsmom at 2022-11-02 02:41:29 UTC