Hello! Sorry in advance for the length of my post. Like many other parents here, my husband and I are weary, worried and feeling more and more helpless. We have an Aspy & ADHD 14 y/o son who is a freshman in a public high school and has an IEP. He is medicated. ADHD diagnosis was in 2nd grade and Level 1 diagnosis was a little over two years ago. Our most pressing issue is school. He is not doing well in his classes. Shuts down when aids try to help him in class ( doesn't want the attention) and he rarely accepts papers handed to him by his teachers. He will respond with- "I don't need/want that." He folds any papers he does accept into origami. He does not do any homework. These behaviors have been going on for several school years. Somehow he manages to pass his classes- with a lot of grace from his teachers. How do we get him to understand the WHY behind school. If it is not related to a computer, he isn't interested and cannot seem to understand why he needs to do the work. He is intelligent and has the capacity, but his symptoms are holding him back from reaching anything close to his potential. We don't know where to turn anymore. If we were to take a course here, where should we begin? Thanks -

Posted by jnoonantx at 2022-10-29 07:11:30 UTC