Hi, I’m new. I’m in a relationship with an incredible person, and in the time we’ve been dating, it’s become totally clear to me that he’s on the spectrum. We’ve talked about it a little, but I don’t want to push him, and he resists the notion. He’s prodigal in his special interests, and I think he feels like if he has ASD, it would somehow take away from how hard he’s worked to build the person he is. (I completely disagree; I think it would only add to the immensity of his accomplishments.) He also resists labels and doesn’t want the stigma. He’s 38, and he says things like, women he’s dated have always felt that he didn’t communicate enough, and they’ve wanted to “endlessly process,” over emotions they had about things that were “completely immaterial,” and “had no basis in material reality,” and he would just feel trapped and confused. I don’t want to be just one more woman who blames and misunderstands him. That said, I’m deeply worried about my own needs and emotional fulfillment. Whenever I read about NT/ASD relationships, it is our relationship exactly. I love him so much. He’s completely irreplaceable. I want to learn him. Advice?

Posted by taylor.lee.werner at 2022-10-26 01:58:47 UTC