Well, it was just too much. Too much for me and too much for my kiddo. So, we are back to homeschooling. Went to the high school to meet with her team. I am amazed at all of the options they give kids now. It is a good thing. They did not have them when my son was in school. But for now I am just going to keep my kiddo fully homeschooled. Found a program online that they have used before. They have slept. A lot. Then not slept. Now sleeping again. They are declining all social activities. Last night I was super tired and in pain and kind of forgot what I needed to do and basically said they don't get to sit around and play video games all day and not do schoolwork or go into the world. Totally the wrong thing to do. Today I will apologize and explain that I understand they need recovery time and that I will respect that need. Then I will ask them to help me make a plan because they do have some goals. But it doesn't have to be today. They have been having some dystopian dreams of the end of the world. Usually they can manage that. We are a sci fi/fantasy/dystopian world entertainment family so we have watched a lot of shows and movies, they have read a lot of books but I think that the current news feeds are just a little too close to the dystopia in the creative world. It has hit them hard. Which is why I want them to get out and do some things, not just fill their brains with media feeds. Maybe it is time for a media vacation for us all. Maybe we can go do some stuff now that I can kind of walk. I just need to remember that I do not need to become the school. That is the hardest part of home/unschooling. We will get there. Just happy that the pressure from the day to day of public school is gone.

Posted by kym.kolb at 2022-10-25 14:08:44 UTC