Hello! I’m a mother of a 22 year old daughter with Asperger’s, ADD and OCD. She is currently attending GCU and lives on campus. I found Asperger Experts when trying to find ways to motivate my daughter and help her organize her assignments. Rewarding her doesn’t work. We are currently using paper planners to track assignments along with the online syllabus. The way the school has it set up is confusing. She also struggles with making friends. We struggle with communicating. We have done a lot as far as giving her space to decompress and not overstimulate her but usually daily outside stressors are the problem. I always get shut down after one sentence with her saying she doesn’t want to talk. But if it’s about her special interest she will talk. We have to talk about school and other life stuff. I’m hoping Asperger Experts can help. Where should I start?

Posted by CactusBlossom at 2022-10-24 22:18:32 UTC